Monday, December 8, 2008

Sponge Bob, Twilight,Scooby,Martini Glasses,Pirates,Sombrero

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Anyone for a Chocolate, Lemon Drop or Apple Martini?

Pirate Cookies

Scooby Doo!


Sponge Bob and below him are the items he collected under water. Everything is edible on this cake, including his nose :=)

Twilight Cake

Wedding Cakes

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Ladybugs and Bees

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This was a baby shower we had. I made sunflower cupcakes and the green cupcakes are grass with a ladybug. The cake was a knitted blouse with ladybug buttons. I made ladybug and bee cookies and put them in buckets that I made to look like Ladybugs and bees. I made cookies and decorated them as flowers and put them in terracotta flower pots. I used them as the centerpieces. We also attached bee and ladybug mylar balloons with fishing wire and made them look like they were flying. The theme was like a garden setting.

Western Theme

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I made 4 different western type cookies, the table setting was hay,  and we used a scene setter on the wall.  I made home made apple pies, a barn cake and a horse shoe cake.

Carnival Party

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We had 7 different type of games. We set up tents and made the signs. We made ticket books to hand out to all the kids. We had adults managing each booth and the kids would give us a ticket out of their book and if they made a basket or won the game they would get a certain amount of raffle tickets. At the end of them using all their tickets, they went to the prize booth and cashed in for their prizes. Instead of a "Dunk Tank" we had a "Drunk Tank", that was the adults game,

This was the set up for the pastry bar. The Carousel cake was on a turn-table that I had made. The animals on the cake were made sugar cookies that I baked and decorated. I made chocolate covered marshmallows, balloon cupcakes, popcorn cupcakes, peanut clusters, 5 different type of caramel apples. At the beginning of the pastry bar, we put several different type of candies and also included little plastic bags with a scooper for them to get scoop of their candy with. Also we had a goldfish game, so I made fish cookies and put them in bags along with blue candy to represent the water. I tied them up so they would look like the ones from the carnivals.


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